Call for Applications

The Children and Youth Development Fund of Georgia wants to select participants (youth workers) of its project who will benefit from attending its trainings to be held in Georgia (Tbilisi) and Belgium (Brussels). The project -"Social Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth Social Integration”  - is being implemented by a consortium of partner organizations from Armenia, Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, and Ukraine. See Annex 2 for the summary of the project.


Any applicant should represent a civil society organization, which has objective of youth development and maintains (or wants to maintain) a social enterprise aimed at disadvantaged youth integration through work (i.e. Work Integration Social Enterprise). In order to benefit from the planned trainings he/she should speak and understand English and have experience of a trainer/facilitator (youth worker) in the sphere of youth non-formal education.


In the result of the trainings, the applicants will become able to spread knowledge through non-formal means on Core Work Skills for disadvantaged youth, planning social business, and developing marketing strategies for social enterprises.


Apart of this, the applicants will be able to involve the CSOs they represent in Eastern Partnership Countries social entrepreneurs network through the Internet platform to be developed and the project’s final conference dedicated to disadvantaged youth integration through work.


The applicant’s organization will benefit from another aspect of the project as well. Namely, the project participant youth workers continued non-formal educational efforts, will be sustained through the CYDF grant giving program in Georgia. This program prioritizes social enterprise development support and the grantee social enterprises will be able to sustain exploitation of the acquired skills.


The applicants are supposed to spread the acquired knowledge among the beneficiaries of their own CSOs and its social enterprises as well as beyond them.


The selected applicants should be ready to attend the three trainings as follow


Training: Core Skills for Employment        

Provider: Youth Social Rights Network (Denmark)

Dates: 25-29 July (24 July arrival, 30 July departure) 2018

Place: Georgia (Tbilisi)


Training: Entrepreneurship School – Focus on Social Entrepreneurship

Provider: Think Young (Belgium)

Dates: 18-22 June (17 June arrival, 23 June departure) 2018

Place: Belgium (Brussels)


Training: Product Development and Marketing Strategies for Social Enterprises

Provider: Georgian Heritage Crafts Association (GHCA)

Dates: 15-20 September (14 arrival, 20 departure) 2018

Place: Georgia (Tbilisi)


These trainings will be evaluated by the participants who will have opportunity to receive a Youthpass certificate (recognition tool for non-formal & informal learning in youth projects).


Application procedure


An applicant is supposed to submit completed application form at the address: (Cc until 15th April 2018

The application should use the format given in the Annex1

No more than two applicants could be selected from one organisation

Pre-selected applicants might be interviewed

Total 8 applicants will be selected in Georgia


Selected applicants will be informed until 25 April 2018

List of Annexes:


Annex 1 - application form

Annex 2 - the project summary

Annex 3 - plan for the training: Core Skills for Employment

Annex 4 - plan for the training: Entrepreneurship School – Focus on Social Entrepreneurship

Annex 5 - plan for the training: Product Development and Marketing Strategies for Social Enterprises