Priorities of 2013

By the Resolution of February 18, 2013 of an Advisory Board under the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the following directions were defined as main priorities of the LEPL “Children and Youth Development Fund”: 

1. Human Rights and Civil Society Support Program
•    Contributing to the groups with special needs
(displaced persons,  homeless people and people with disabilities)
•    Encouraging youth activities in mountainous and densely populated regions
•    Youth Media Development
( highlighting youth problems, introduction of the latest media web – technologies and  social networks; making the youth active through them)
•    Promoting the civil integration of ethnic minorities
(Multicultural dialogue, promotion of bilingual education, popularization of Georgian language, etc.)
Promotion of self-governance of public schools
•    Improving children’s rights
2.    Environment, Ecology and Public Health Program
•    Introduction of non-formal education, raising of environmental skills , promotion of  sustainable development with practical activities, contributing to   eco-tourism
•    Promotion of healthy lifestyle
•    Encouraging sports events and activities

3. Cultural – educational and academic support program
(preference will be given to social and political sciences)
•    Provision of cultural – educational activities
•    Finding young scientists and artists, their support and encouragement
•    Organization of scientific conferences, forums
4. Support Program of International Relations
Development of International Cooperation (EU Eastern Partnership Countries, South Caucasus, Euro-Atlantic Alliance)
5. Social Entrepreneurship