Frequently Asked Questions

What are the obtaining  procedures of  the project proposal

Before announcing the grant competition the Foundation announces the current year’s priorities. The projects are accepted according to these priorities.

During the grant competition the applicant organization must fill-in the electronic grant application placed on the Fund’s web-site and attach all other necessary documentation to the application (recommendations, budget, information about the project implementing persons, co-funding documents, etc.);When sending the application, the applicant should wait for confirmation on the acceptance of  the project.

Who can take part in the competition

Children and Youth Unions can take part in the grant competition, announced by the LEPL “Children and Youth Development Fund”.

The issues that the project should be written on

The projects should be prepared in the frames of 2014 program priorities

Who will review the presented projects,

Who will reveal the winner?

In recent years, projects were evaluated only by Advisory Board of the Ministry.  In 2013, for more impartiality, new assessment system was approved Advisory Councils and program priorities were established. Members of the Council are the experts of specific fields, e.g. if the project refers to agriculture or ecology, it will be evaluated by  the specialists of this field, etc.

Program Commission writes its assessment on each project, a recommendation. After this, all projects are reviewed  at the meeting of the  Advisory Board. The  Board is chaired by the Minister of  Sport and Youth Affairs. Members of the Advisory Board are the representatives of the Ministry, Fund and individual non-governmental organizations. However, the non-governmental organizations, which are  members of the Advisory Board cannot take part in the contest.

How are the projects assessed, are there any pre-defined evaluation criteria or what project will be given the preference?

After the consultation with different international foundations, throughout the Fund’s existence, projects evaluation criteria was defined for the first time.We tried to take into consideration the existing experience.Accordingly, all projects will be reviewed according to 6 main criteria:

`1.The applicant’s resources and motivation;

2. Compliance of the project with the objectives of the competition, importance of the problem;

3. Effectiveness of the project purposes and implementation ways;

4. Adequacy of the project budget;

5. Focusing on the results of the project;

6. Compliance of the project with the current year’s program priorities;

All projects will be considered in accordance with this criteria and the contestant, in case of official request, will receive a reasoned answer why this or that project was or was not funded.

Preference will be given to the projects focused on the groups from regions and those who are vulnerable, because the above mentioned directions represent the State  priorities. Also, coalition projects are privileged, which will be implemented along with several non-governmental organizations. However, this does not imply that organization operating in Tbilisi or organization presenting the project individually cannot receive the funding.  The Ministry will support all interesting ideas and initiatives.

How the project should be prepared

On the web-site of the Children and Youth Development Fund electronic grant application is placed. It is necessary to prepare the project proposal according to the mentioned form.