Priorities of 2014

In consideration of the strategy and priority directions of the Government of Georgia and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, as well as taking into account the youth policy of Georgia, following directions were defined as priorities by the LEPL “Children and Youth Development Fund:”

Human Rights and Civil Society Support Program

Contributing to the Media Development

(highlighting youth problems in media; introduction of the latest media web – technologies and  social networks; making the youth active through them)

Contributing to the groups with special needs 

Integration of people with disabilities; ; support of vulnerable groups, in particular:  re-socialization of former prisoners; supporting displaced people; civil integration of ethnic minorities and their involvement in social life.

Contributing to the sport development

Promotion and implementation of sports activities and healthy lifestyle in youth

 Social Entrepreneurship

(Social Entrepreneurship means to act with principles of entrepreneurship, which has a social mission and does not serve the business – interests).

Agriculture and Environmental Support Program

Implantation and promotion of creative and innovative methods in youth in terms of agriculture and environment; Contributing to sustainable development by means of practical activities; Encouraging the following activities from agricultural and environmental side: Reduction of internal migration; Environmental protection; Improving social conditions of young people living in the country; Promotion of agriculture, as a strategically important field.

Decentralization of Government of Georgia and Promotion of self—government reform in youth

Promotion of self—governance reform in youth; stimulating the youth and monitoring on the self-governance level during decision-making; acquainting the local population with the news;  stimulation of youth groups in self-government cities.

 Cultural – educational and academic program

Provision of cultural – educational activities; Finding, support and encouragement of young artists; Supporting  academic and sociological research

Promotion of youth involvement in Euro-Atlantic Integration Issues

The preference will be given to the projects presented from mountainous and densely populated regions.