Priorities for 2016

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1.Employability and non-formal education

Promoting of social entrepreneurship: Article 25, paragraph 5: of  Civil Code of Georgia.  (on-commercial)  legal entity authorized to implement  subsidiary's commercial activities, from where the profit should be spent for the purpose  realization    of the the legal entity. The distribution of profit resulted  from such activity among founders, members, donors,  as wel as among leaders and individuals of authorised representetives is not permitted.  Note:  The  priority Social Entrepreneurship means  ancillary commercial activities prescribed by law, with a social mission, and does not serve the interests of business. The main goal of social entrepreneurship is focused on the well-being of society, got from the appeal of the social profit.

Promote of ransition process from  school to work:

2. Healthy lifestyles, and mass sports

Promotion of mass sport development.

Promotion of Healthy lifestyle;

3. Support of civic participation  increasing.

Environmental protection;

Taking part in decision-making process.


4. Promotion of innovation and technological inventions

Supporting priority of innovation and  start-up technological inventions;

Preference is given to:

The projects from the regions, as well as the mountainous (by the Georgian law about Development of  the mountainous regions) and the projects from  densely populated regions. Representator pf the Ethnic Minority and the integration of the Youth with special needs in the society  according the determined  National Youth Policy Document.


Note: for those participants, who want to who wish to submit a project proposal in the subprogram, "The promotion  of employment and non-formal education" we advise to get members of this group:  Those who wish to benefit from the program in the second lot, here they can learn about the Foundation's research report. ,,  Employment and employment capacity and  favorable Institutional environment of the  Young people with disabilities’’ and use advices of the group members I n searching  for a suitable candidate of the  recruitment consultant role. (if they are going to develop the employment service according the project).