History, Mission, Vision and Values


The Fund is a government agency that invests in children and youth organizations’ ideas in order to implement and inform national youth policy.


The Fund strives for a future where all children and youth in Georgia will be able to realize their potential and integrate fully and freely in society.


The Fund takes responsibility for what we are doing, as we know that it impacts many people and organizations. In our work we rely on the values of evidence-based decision making, accountability, transparency, integrity, solidarity, impartiality, equality, cooperation, and inclusiveness.




Legal entity of public law “Children and Youth Development Fund” was established in the year of 2000. Aim of the fund is promoting youth involvement through funding and supporting implementation of various initiatives.

Activities of the Fund are part of the youth policy of the state. The law adopted by the parliament in the year of 1999 on “State support of children and youth unions” acted as a foundation for the state to set protection of children rights and self-realization of them in the society as a priority. Above mentioned law contributes to the improvement of economic and organizational conditions of the children and youth unions, as well as facilitation of their activities and guarantees for legal protection.

Since the foundation day the Fund was under the State Department of Georgian Youth Affairs, then till 2010 under the Ministry of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport; since spring 2011 it operates under the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia.

Fund guarantees funding of the projects submitted according to the programme priorities set by the advisory board of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia. Our goal is to support formulation of youth initiatives and their regional development. Fund cooperates with the experienced and reliable partners. Additionally, Fund is in the mode of striving towards establishing new links for supporting important and interesting initiatives.

Strategy for the year of 2013 of the LEPL “Children and Youth Development Fund” under the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia is defined by the aims and activities of the Fund.

Fund as a legal entity of public law has to focus on supporting youth and children unions and organizations. Taking into consideration vulnerable groups’ difficulties related to the socio economic conditions, there are number of children and young people who require support whether its economic, physical or moral. Fund’s scope of functions doesn’t only cover implementation of projects, but generating ideas and for this reason facilitating own ones. Here is the action plan for the Fund in the tear of 2013:

Based on the priorities defined for the years of 2013-2014, Fund will fund various youth non-governmental organizations;

·         Will work on fundraising and strengthening International cooperation;

·         Establish close cooperation with various Funds, local and International organizations;

·         Work on creating special format for liaising with specific funds and business groups for fundraising reasons;

·         Will assist the Ministry in working on establishment of state youth policy in the country;

·         Will be involved in the legislative process regarding the initiatives in the youth field.