The decision on the issue of financing the projects initiated by the youth organizations registered in the Register of the fund is taken by Advisory Board of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia. The Board is created on the basis of the Law of Georgia on State Support to Children and Youth Unions.

Main Aims and Objectives of the Advisory Board:

  • State coordination of the Children and Youth Unions registered in the Fund
  • Definition of the financing priorities
  • Taking the decision on the financing of the registered projects based on the competition

The Board consists of 15 members-representatives of Children and Youth Unions, NGOs. 6 members from the registered Unions are represented by the Director of the Children and Youth Development Fund, 8 members are appointed by the Head of the Board-Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia. Their authority is defined for two years.

The Decision of the Board is taken based on discussion , open voting, by majority of the attendants. It is formalized by the Decree of the Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs.

The Advisory Board meetings are held twice a year. The meeting is authorized if it is attended by the majority of the members.  Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia and not less than 1/3 of the members are authorized to call an out of turn/special meeting of the Board.

Rights of the member of the Board:

  • Present proposals and recommendations on any issue discussed by the Board
  • Participate in the discussions of the issues on the agenda
  • Participate in voting

Obligations of the member of the Board:

  • Participation in the activities of the Advisory Board
  • Follow the Regulation of the Fund
  • In order to participate in voting, the member of the Board should be the representative of the Union the project of which is being discussed