Social and creative cafes

Creative Cafe is a space where young people and not only they, are offered by the organizers a pleasant working environment, access to a variety of information, literature or services that are necessary for their professional and personal growth.

Creative Cafe is a social enterprise, therefore, the income will be fully used for public services for young people, preparing new Georgian educational text-books, mentors retraining and various type educational event organizing at a cafe and outside of it.

The second social cafe with the same name –was founded by the initiative of non-governmental organization - \"International Center for Peace and Integration ICPI\".

Social bar - \"Generator 9.8\" is based on the principles of voluntarism.

Social Cafe is an ideal environment for both local and foreign young people for development and self-expression, which can contribute to implementation of a variety of interesting ideas.
\"Generator 9.8\" offers working space to interested persons / organizations from 10: 00 to 19:00, and in the evenings, after 19:00 the cafe is given to the social bar, where the following events will be planned: public lectures, exhibitions, music concerts, film shows, etc.